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Jai is a radio personality, comedian and live event host born and raised in New Jersey. At a very young age, he took up a love for music and at the age of 6 picked up a pair of drumsticks and never looked back.  Playing drums, he has played many genres of music from heavy metal to mainstream alternative music.

After realizing he loved being on stages, he decided that stepping in front of the drums and grabbing a mic was what he was meant to do. He took his talents to many venues in NYC and LA and everywhere in between providing the energy needed to keep people coming back. Realizing that hosting events wasn't enough, radio was the next step in his career. He enrolled in broadcasting school and the rest is history.  

He has been on the radio in NJ, Philly and is now so excited to join an already awesome team at New York's New Alternative - ALT 92.3 every Sunday night from 8PM to Midnight.


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