friends with beer


Leap Beer 2020

Circa Brewing Co
141 Lawrence Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
United States

Event Description:

Ever wonder what to do with that extra day once every 4 years? It's time to run a different direction, heed a different call, maybe even drink a different beer (as long as it's at Circa!). With February 29th being such a rare occurrence, come join us at Circa Brewing for a scavenger hunt of all the things you might do on this forgotten day that you wouldn't do on a normal day. Selfie with a stranger? Check! Try a food/beer you've never tried before? Make it happen! Here at Circa Brewing, it's Leap Beer time and you're all welcome to join us out of our comfort zones.

Finish the scavenger hunt and earn a free pint of Circa draft beer for all members of your team. But hurry! You have 2 hours to complete it and teams are limited to 3 people. May the beers be ever in your favor!!!!

Scavenging is free, but if you choose to participate in our "Beer/Pizza VIP Hunters" option, the charge will be $40 for all you can drink (2 hours) and a pizza buffet.