Bowl Of 'Zole Pozole Festival

110 Kent Avenue
110 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249
United States

Event Description:

A new and original food festival celebrating mezcal and pozole!

10 Pozoles and 50 Mezcals

Pozole: Far too long has pozole been relegated to the back corner of the menu behind the tacos, ceviches, and guacamole. With this event, we honor this great Mexican comfort food. Similar to ramen, this stew will warm the heart and soul. At Bowl of 'Zole, enjoy 10 flavorful iterations of this Mexican stew made with chicken, seafood, pork and tofu!

Mezcal: Bringing together top importers, this event will feature 50 distinct bottles of mezcal. Get to know this flavorful and smoky agave spirit, distilled using in-ground fire pits. Celebrate the modern renaissance of this ancient beverage when you sample products from 10+ producers.