Yungblud and MGK Wish They Wrote 'I Think I'm OKAY' When They Were 12

Yungblud and MGK were quick to admire each other’s work when we asked about the making of their song, “I Think I’m OKAY.” The collaboration which also includes Travis Barker , has become a breakout smash thanks to the chemistry and fire power created when they come together. “I’ll never forget when...
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Meg Myers Performs at Coachella

Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" Proves The Staying Power of Great Songwriting

For those unaware, Meg Myers' cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" has been performed by other artists countless times before, proving the staying power of a well written and emotionally driven song.
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Billie Eilish Grapples With Fame on 'Everything I Wanted'

“I had a dream. I got everything I wanted,” Billie Eilish sings on her first new single since her debut album. But she quickly pivots with her trademark bluntness, adding “Not what you’d think, and if I’m being honest, it might have been a nightmare.” Eilish takes inventory of her career explosion...
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WORLD PREMIERE: Neon Trees Are Back and Bright with 'Used To Like'

We say “new era” a lot when it comes to music, with each album often assigned that level of importance, as though a band is reborn upon each release. It’s not always true, but with Neon Trees it absolutely is this time around. Tyler Glenn and the gang “turned the lights off in a public way,” as...
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Ctrl+ALT+Del Most Liked of the Week For November 11th, 2019

Thanks for the texts to 55701! Don't forget to listen to the show Sunday nights at 8!
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Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers In the RADIO.COM Theater

Flea Picks His Favorite Chili Peppers Song of All Time

Flea’s catalog with the Chili Peppers goes back four decades. Sure, the guy on the street is probably going to cite "Under The Bridge" as their favorite track, but what song does Flea think sums up the band?
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Flea with Kevan Kenney in the RADIO.COM Theater

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea Reveals His Favorite New Artist

When Flea stopped by to chat his new book, Kevan Kenney was eager to get his thoughts if there were any artists today that he particularly enjoyed.
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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Martin of Coldplay on the Meaning Behind 'Orphans' and Dealing With Super Bowl Critics

There’s a certain urgency to “Orphans,” the first glimpse released from Coldplay ’s upcoming eighth studio album, Everyday Life . In the jubilant crowd that fills the song, bursting bright from the speakers, there’s a determined voice that leads the way. The song was the last addition to Everyday...
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My Chemical Romance Keeps Adding Reunion Shows

My Chemical Romance has added a few more shows to their 2020 schedule, giving fans hope that their reunion will have staying power. Less than a week after the band announced their first concert in seven years at the Shrine in LA, they started announcing dates overseas. MCR will perform as part of...
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Ctrl+ALT+Del Most Liked of the Week For November 3rd, 2019

Another week in the books. Keep the Like/Dislikes coming to 55701, and check out the show Sunday nights at 8!
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