Watch YUNGBLUD Answer Questions in an Exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live

YUNGBLUD joined RADIO.COM for an exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live, answering your questions from around the world and sharing what’s next for the “Weird!” singer.
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Watch Jimmy Eat World Answer Questions in an Exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live

Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World is answering your questions and performing music from the band’s latest album, ‘Surviving.’ Watch the singer share everything you dare to ask on Instagram Live.
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EXCLUSIVE: Watch Goody Grace Perform 'Scumbag' and Try Blink-182 Trivia

Goody Grace recently got to link up with blink-182 on the song “Scumbag,” but how much does he know about the Pop Punk icons? We put him to the test with blink-182 trivia.
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Radiohead's Ed O'Brien (EOB) in the RADIO.COM Theater

"You Can't Stay in the Gang Forever" - Ed O'Brien and Radiohead

Ed joined the band when he was just 16-years-old - an age when we were all still discovering ourselves. It begged the question, "how does one establish a sense of self with a band so interwoven with who they've been their entire adult life?"
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Hayley Williams Confirms the Future of Paramore and the Meaning of 'Petals For Armor'

Last week Hayley Williams began to let us into her world, revealing her Petals For Armor I EP. As she released the first real look into her solo project, the Paramore vocalist talked with RADIO.COM about the meaning behind the title, what this means for the band, and much more. “The title comes...
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Mumford & Sons

Not So Silent Night: How Noel Gallagher Helped Mumford & Sons Find 'Guiding Light'

The Oasis singer might have sparked the song
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Vampire Weekend

Not So Silent Night: A Decade Past With Vampire Weekend

Looking back before one of their last shows of the year
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Jimmy Eat World

Not So Silent Night: The Evolution of Albums With Jimmy Eat World

The band is back with their 10th studio LP 'Surviving'
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Cage the Elephant

Not So Silent Night: A Hip Hop Collab for Cage the Elephant?

Plus what their GRAMMY nomination means to them
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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Martin of Coldplay Shares the Unlikely Inspiration Behind 'Everyday Life'

“Our whole philosophy on this record is like, f*** it, just do it and not be afraid of anything,” grins Chris Martin mischievously. The record is Everyday Life , Coldplay ’s eighth studio album, which Martin says is personal and unfiltered; gathered from voice memos and private recordings with the...
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