Brad Williams Raises Money for Bullied Child, Shocked by Donations From Listeners

After seeing the story of an Australian child with dwarfism who was suffering from severe bullying in school, comedian Brad Williams decided to do something about it.
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'Mulan' Is the First Disney Live-Action Remake to Be Rated PG-13

Mulan is the first Disney live-action remake to be rated PG-13. The upcoming update is a retelling of the 1998 animated classic and will not include any musical numbers. The film is set to hit theaters on March 27th.
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Here's the Net Worth of Each 'Friends' Cast Member, Ranked

Stars like Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and David Schwimmer made a lot of money starring on ‘Friends’, but they made even more in their careers after the show ended. Here’s how much every cast member is worth now.
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Asteroid Impact

Wanna Feel Small? Compare the Sizes of Known Asteroids to Everyday Objects

From itsy-bitsy boulders to proto-planets -- MetaBallStudios takes a look at some of the known rocky bodies swirling around our solar system and compares them to everyday objects.
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'Saved by the Bell' Star Lark Voorhies 'Hurt' by Exclusion From Reboot

’Saved by the Bell’ star Lark Voorhies is opening up about being excluded from the upcoming reboot of the ‘90s series. The 45-year-old actress famously portrayed the character of Lisa Turtle on the teen show.
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Happy Birthday, Millie Bobby Brown! Eleven's Best Moments on 'Stranger Things'

While there’s a lot to love about Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things,’ it wouldn’t all hold together without Millie Bobby Brown’s beloved character at the center of it all. These are some of Eleven’s best moments on the show.
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Will Ferrell Had to Be Rescued After Getting Lost While Filming 'Downhill'

Will Ferrell is opening up about his recent debacle that happened in Switzerland. Ferrell opened up about getting lost there while filming his new movie ‘Downhill.’
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High Fidelity Record Store

ALT 92.3 @ Hulu x High Fidelity with Omar

Come on down to be a part of @HighFidelityonHulu record store takeover at Rough Trade. Check it out for giveaways, branded vinyls, and even a Love Anthem Generator to find what song you should be listening to this Valentine’s Day. And don’t forget to catch all episodes of @HighFidelityonHulu, a...
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Orlando Bloom Misspells Son's Name in New Morse Code Tattoo

Getting a tattoo for your child seems sweet, but how would you feel if there was an error? Orlando Bloom misspelled son Flynn’s name in new morse code tattoo.
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Coldplay Dance Through Timeless Love for 'Cry Cry Cry' Video

Coldplay has released the video from “Cry Cry Cry” from the band’s ‘Everyday Life’ album. See the clip directed by Dakota Johnson now, and learn more about the making of the song.
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