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Coldplay Announce New Album 'Everyday Life'

If it seemed like an inordinately long time since we last officially heard new music from Coldplay, you wouldn't be wrong. Their last world dominating LP, 'Head Full Of Dreams' dropped 4 years ago, and in that time only a stand alone single under a pseudonym slipped out. So what's the hold up?...
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Fiona Apple

ICYMI: Fiona Apple Did a Song for Bob's Burgers

We knew she was working on new material, but this is a surprise!
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Cockroach Smoking a Cigarette Is Even More NY Than Pizza Rat

So, Cigarette Cockroach , Pizza Rat, and Nutella Squirell walk into a bar.... I don't have a punchline, but only in New York is that a plausible scenario. Here's the anthropomorphic city critter dragging a butt across a sewer grate grabbing his 15 minutes of fame. Video of Cockroach with a...
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Eating Roadkill Now Legal In California...

YES you read that title correctly people in California are allowed to now legally eat road kill... I don't know whats more bizarre, the fact there was a law against eating road kill or that that many people want to eat it. Im just a kid from the city so eating roadkill sounds very strange to me and...
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The Rise of Skywalker Cast

New Star Wars Trailer Arriving Tonight

It's our final preview of The Rise of Skywalker.
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NEXT RECORDS Playlist 10.21.19

Beabadoobee - Are You Sure Vagabon - Flood Sebastian ft. Bakar - Sober Panda Bear - Playing The Long Game Beck - Uneventful Days Hot Chip - Positive Porches - Rangerover FKA Twigs - Home With You Jim-E Stack ft. Any Clemons - Good Enough Daniela Andrade - Gallo Pinto Matt Beringer & Phoebe...
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Is Shakira Auditioning For Green Day?

‘Basket Case’ works for Shakira here, like it would Slayer, or Garth Brooks or Snoop Dogg - because it's a great song.
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Ctrl+ALT+Del 'Most Liked' of the Week Playlist for 10/20/19

- Cane Thanks for all of your Like/Dislike texts. Here are your latest results. Have a great week! 1. Blink 182 – I Really Wish I Hated You Video of blink-182 - I Really Wish I Hated You [Monday Night Football Genesis Halftime Show] 2. Absofacto – Dissolve 3. The Unlikely Candidates – Novocaine...
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Listen to Postmodern ALT 92.3 Sunday's starting at 8AM featuring Scott Lowe. Listen with the RADIO.COM App | FAQ Here's the Postmodern ALT 92.3 playlist for Sunday morning October 20, 2019: 8AM The Dead Milkmen – Punk Rock Girl The Breeders – Cannonball Yazoo – Situation The Cure – Lullaby 311 –...
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Shockingly, Millennial Millionaires actually do exist...NYC tops the list!

We have all heard that the generation known as MILLENNIALS are basically ruining everything good society has to offer. If you are confused as to if you fall into that demographic, let me help. According to definition, the oldest millennial is 38 years old and the youngest is, or is turning 23 years...
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