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Listen to Postmodern ALT 92.3 Sunday's starting at 8AM featuring Scott Lowe. Listen with the RADIO.COM App | FAQ Here's the Postmodern ALT 92.3 playlist for Sunday morning October 27, 2019: 8AM R.E.M. – South Central Rain Tripping Daisy – I Got A Girl Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence Lucas – Lucas...
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Once merely the drummer of Blink 182, Travis Barker has transformed into one of the most sought after guest features in the world of popular music. “Spraypaint” the latest offering from upstart JUMEX is yet another example of such, in full effect. JUMEX was born on Valentine’s Day 2000 and grew up...
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The yearly cost of replacing items lost while you are drunk....NYC is at the top of the list

If you are in the prime of your life, going out for a drunken debauchery is something that happens more often than not. We've all been there....... maybe? head out with your friends for a night on the town, hopping from bar to bar and at some point of the night, it all becomes a blur. You...
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A 'Cheetos' Ice cream sundae exists...right in our backyard, NYC

When you think about some guilty pleasures, most of the items that come to mind are junk food -- ice cream, chocolate, pizza, potatoe chips .... ALCOHOL .......I can keep going on! A recent study says that the healthier you eat, the happier you are .......and that's BS because let's be honest, if...
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Tegan and Sara

Flashback Friday: Tegan and Sara "Walking With a Ghost"

Happy last Friday before Halloween!
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Dress As Your Biggest Fear, Win Ten Grand

Ok, so this is basically a way to get people talking about Natty Light , but hey...ten grand is ten grand. They're holding a contest for the best "real life fear" costume . Spiders frighten you? Easy. Bats. Witches. Also easy. Might have trouble finding yourself a fear of failure get up, though...
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Slime Is Taking Over NYC!!

Welcome the Sloomoo Institute to NYC, it’s a 8,000 square foot fully immersive slime museum and it opens TODAY!! You’ll be able to do all things slime. There will be a DIY slime station and even a place to live out a childhood Nickelodeon fantasy. They’ll let ya put on goggles and a poncho and get...
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 YakobchukOlena/Getty Images

Another trend in on-line dating....'Dogfishing'

We all know that the on-line dating scene is like a battlefield.....not to mention there are so many sites to choose from these days. Along with a plethora of sites, there are also so many new dating trends, who the hell can even keep up......... From "Slow-dating" .......... Check this out! 'Slow...
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Whoa PJ Harvey Covered Nick Cave

Covers of classic tracks come and go, but it's rare you get an artist of such stature as PJ Harvey covering a classic like Nick Cave's catalog staple, Red Right Hand. The track, which now serves as the theme for Peaky Blinders, has recieved the cover treatment from several notable names as of late...
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If You Fund It, They Will Come: New Warped Doc On The Way

The DIY spirit that launched Warped Tour some 25 plus years ago will also be what turns it into a feature length documentary. Just announced today, The official Warped Tour Documentary is getting its own kick starter campaign. Headed by Anthem Films and backed by Founder Kevin Lymon, the campaign...
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