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A Red Hot Chili Peppers Documentary could POSSIBLY be in the works

As of late, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and its members have been in the news, either teasing a new album , Chad Smith (drummer) celebrating his birthday and just last week Flea finally married the love of his life, Melody Ehsani! . @flea333 has some extra punch in his groove now that he’s made it...
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People Watching Scary Movies

Halloween Movies for People Who Don't Like to Be Scared

You have plenty of choices that won't cause nightmares.
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Does Your Morning Commute Suck?

Get ready because your commute could change DRASTICALLY in the near future, especially if you’re traveling across the Hudson. A Silicon Valley based company has invented a drone that can carry humans safely over bodies of water. They say the drone could carry commuters 3ft to 10ft over the Hudson...
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A Headbanging Halloween Throwback

Back before YouTube, back before the internet, hell back before I was a thought in either of my parents' respective minds - there was a show called MTV’s Head Bangers Ball. Think of it as your favorite Alternative playlist on Spotify. From what I’m told you would have to stay up late to catch the...
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A solution to the rat problem in the city...Rat Perfume?!?

A couple of weeks ago, I was leaving the studio after my shift and as I was crossing the street, I looked to my right and said "damn.....someone just lost a puppy!" because crossing the street was a creature that was as big as a small dog . As it got closer to me, I realized that it was no dog......
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Halloween pumpkin with headphones

ALT 92.3 DJs Pick Their Spookiest Halloween Songs

Just in time for Halloween, we decided to compile a list of Spooky , Scary , and downright Creepy ALT songs for your listening (dis)pleasure.
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Looking for cheap holiday flights....Two more 'deal zones' left in 2019

If you are like me, you cannot believe that the holidays are here, ALREADY! A few of the things that remind us of that is, ONE ....the clocks fall back and it gets dark earlier, seasonal depression sets in because it's dark at 4 in the afternoon... TWO ....Our second annual NOT SO SILENT NIGHT is...
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Cop with a breathalyzer

Guy's Body Actually Brews Beer

I'm a sucker for weird stories and this is definitely one for the books! A guy in North Carolina got pulled over, suspected for driving drunk. Despite the fact that his blood test revealed a blood-alcohol level of 0.2% (nearly 2.5 times the legal limit), the guy swore up and down that he hadn't...
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NEXT RECORDS Playlist 10.28.19

​Wuh Oh - Ziggy Anamanaguchi - Air On Line Wolf Parade - Against The Day Francis Quinlan - Rare Thing Beck - Uneventful Days Claud - Want To Destroyer - Crimson Tide Sorry - Right Round The Clock Hovvdy - Mr. Lee Great Grandpa - Human Condition Caroline Polachek - Door Cigarettes After Sex -...
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Ctrl+ALT+Del Most Liked

Ctrl+ALT+Del 'Most Liked' of the Week: October 28th, 2019

Here ya go! Thanks for all the like/dislike texts. :-) Keep 'em coming to 55701.
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