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Vampire Weekend

Flashback Friday: Vampire Weekend "Oxford Comma"

Time to get hyped for Not So Silent Night.
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There Used to Be Bars on the Subway

My life is a series of self discovery that I was simply born too late. I was in Kindergarten when Kid Rock told me to get in the pit and love someone. I don’t know how familiar you are with pits, but there aren’t many in kindergarten. I was eight years old when Limp Bizkit told me to break stuff...
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Driver in Crash Scares First Responders...

A 20 year old woman in Ohio got into a wreck this past weekend while she was dressed as Carrie! Yes Carrie from the horror films! She had fake blood all over her face and body. When the first responders showed up they though she was dead. Must’ve been some pretty good make up!!! Check out the story...
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FKA Twigs Was Unreal On Fallon

Plenty of people try to pass off music as art, but rarely is it. FKA Twigs is most certainly the exception however, where her mediums meld together as effortlessly as she operates in a league of her own. This is of course perfectly exemplified on her recent late night stop on Fallon where atop a...
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Adam Sandler

Halloween TBT: Adam Sandler's Last-Minute SNL Costumes

Look at me! I'm Pointing Yankees Fan! Now gimme some candy!
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Gerard Way Has A Very Famous Cousin

So you think you’re the biggest My Chemical Romance fan? Get in line with all the other “Play MCR!” texters at 55701. As much as you love the Emo icons, I bet you didn’t know this: Gerard Way has a very famous cousin. A famous cousin that you most absolutely know. Remember Fear Factor? Ever watch...
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Netflix is testing a new speed-binge feature

I'm not gonna lie here but I used to think that binge-watching any show on any platform, like NETFLIX , was for people that had nothing better to do. HERE IS MORE HONESTLY -- a few months ago I fell into the trap and found myself doing exactly that.....I caught one episode of THE WALKING DEAD and...
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Giant Dragon Skull

Game of Thrones Prequel House of the Dragon Is Happening

They say when one door closes, another opens, and that seems to be the case with Game of Thrones spinoffs.
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Selling A Haunted House??

In most states selling a house that may be "haunted" can go hush hush, the seller doesnt have to disclose any paranormal activity. BUT and a big but, there are 4 different states that you are legally supposed to disclose this information to home buyers. Those states are New Jersey, New York,...
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Facebook/Insta Have Banned Your Favorite "Sexual Emojis."

This is why we can't have nice things. And dirty emojis. Because you're dirty. Facebook and Instagram have "banned the use of commonly sexual emojis," including the eggplant, peach, and the water dripping. We know what they're all used for, right? Good. Here's some of the legalese from the article...
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