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Sonic Youth

This Week's 90s Nuggets: 3/6/20

Every weekday at 12:30, Christine shares a rarely heard 90s gem: here's the picks for this past week!
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Friday Flashbacks For March 6

No better way to start another weekend of debauchery than with some songs of our youth.
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Ice pop
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Titos Vodka

Tito's Vodka Is For Drinking, Not Making Hand Sanitizer

We've been told that washing our hands and NOT touching our faces are the top ways to avoid the coronavirus, but there are still times when it's easier to grab some hand sanitizer and go.
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First Look At New Batmobile, And It's A....Charger?

Lots of people are on the fence about Robert Pattinson as Batman, but at least there's another cool Batmobile to admire.
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ALT 92.3 Listeners Weigh In On CoronaVirus

What does the ALT 92.3 audience think of the Corona Virus? We asked!
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NYC skyline

Dream Job Alert....oh and live rent free in Manhattan this summer

Live rent free in Manhattan this summer.....a dream come true!!
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Google Pixel

Now's a Great Time to Clean Your Smartphone: Here's How

Right now we all need concrete plans to keep ourselves as healthy and prepared as possible.
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Apple Paying $25 to iPhone Users For Screwing Them Over

Remember the "conspiracy theory" that Apple was slowing down older phones to get you to upgrade? Yeah, well, that was true.
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Starbucks Announces Spring Menu

Spring Menu
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