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Eating Roadkill Now Legal In California...

YES you read that title correctly people in California are allowed to now legally eat road kill... I don't know whats more bizarre, the fact there was a law against eating road kill or that that many people want to eat it. Im just a kid from the city so eating roadkill sounds very strange to me and...
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The Rise of Skywalker Cast

New Star Wars Trailer Arriving Tonight

It's our final preview of The Rise of Skywalker.
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Is Shakira Auditioning For Green Day?

I’ve been thinking a lot about something Pete Wentz said to me recently. No, it wasn’t that I was handsome or the best interview he’s ever had. He actually said neither of those things...out loud, but I felt like he was thinking them. I’m very perceptive. It was this little anecdote about great...
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Ctrl+ALT+Del Most Liked Of the Week Playlist for 10/20/19

Thanks for all of your Like/Dislike texts. Here are your latest results. Have a great week! 1. Blink 182 – I Really Wish I Hated You Video of blink-182 - I Really Wish I Hated You [Monday Night Football Genesis Halftime Show] 2. Absofacto – Dissolve 3. The Unlikely Candidates – Novocaine Video of...
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Listen to Postmodern ALT 92.3 Sunday's starting at 8AM featuring Scott Lowe. Listen with the RADIO.COM App | FAQ Here's the Postmodern ALT 92.3 playlist for Sunday morning October 20, 2019: 8AM The Dead Milkmen – Punk Rock Girl The Breeders – Cannonball Yazoo – Situation The Cure – Lullaby 311 –...
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Shockingly, Millennial Millionaires actually do exist...NYC tops the list!

We have all heard that the generation known as MILLENNIALS are basically ruining everything good society has to offer. If you are confused as to if you fall into that demographic, let me help. According to definition, the oldest millennial is 38 years old and the youngest is, or is turning 23 years...
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Yungblud at ALT 92.3 Radio in NYC

Learn from Yungblud: Pick Up The Phone For Celebrities

If a celebrity ever rings you up, take a second before assuming it’s one of your buddy’s playing a prank.
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The Original Misfits Take NYC This Weekend

The Misfits are playing what is likely to be their last NYC area show ever with Danzig on board and tix are like... well, a lot . BUT as I've said above, are you gonna miss that money? Or are you gonna be pissed that u never got to help Danzig buy a new house. Too many jams to choose from with...
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Wheel Of Fortune Guest Expresses Loveless Marriage!

A guy named Blair was recently a contestant on the popular game show Wheel Of Fortune. In the beginning of the show show each contestant gives a little description about themselves. Blair’s seemed to be either brutally honest or a funny joke. Either way it’s HILARIOUS and too some sadly relatable,...
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My Chemical Romance

Flashback Friday: My Chemical Romance "The Ghost of You"

We're continuing the spooky songs for Halloween, and obviously one of my picks needs to involve ghosts.
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