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Shockingly, Millennial Millionaires actually do exist...NYC tops the list!

We have all heard that the generation known as MILLENNIALS are basically ruining everything good society has to offer. If you are confused as to if you fall into that demographic, let me help. According to definition, the oldest millennial is 38 years old and the youngest is, or is turning 23 years...
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Yungblud at ALT 92.3 Radio in NYC

Learn from Yungblud: Pick Up The Phone For Celebrities

If a celebrity ever rings you up, take a second before assuming it’s one of your buddy’s playing a prank.
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The Original Misfits Take NYC This Weekend

The Misfits are playing what is likely to be their last NYC area show ever with Danzig on board and tix are like... well, a lot . BUT as I've said above, are you gonna miss that money? Or are you gonna be pissed that u never got to help Danzig buy a new house. Too many jams to choose from with...
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Wheel Of Fortune Guest Expresses Loveless Marriage!

A guy named Blair was recently a contestant on the popular game show Wheel Of Fortune. In the beginning of the show show each contestant gives a little description about themselves. Blair’s seemed to be either brutally honest or a funny joke. Either way it’s HILARIOUS and too some sadly relatable,...
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My Chemical Romance

Flashback Friday: My Chemical Romance "The Ghost of You"

We're continuing the spooky songs for Halloween, and obviously one of my picks needs to involve ghosts.
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Get paid $1K To watch 30 Disney movies in 30 days

Depends who you ask, it could either be the easiest job in the world or the most torturous job in the world. Either way it'll inflate you bank account by $1,000.00. is looking for the 'ultimate Disney fanatic' to watch 30 Disney movies in 30 days. So if ya think you got what it takes to...
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Foo Fighters & Beck Headlining New Festival By Amazon

Just when you think Amazon is into everything and there's nothing else left. They announce a 2 day festival! And of course in typical Amazon form the is lineup is no joke. Headlining will be Beck & Kacey Musgrave on day 1. Foo Fighters and Anderson. Paak & The Free Nationals on day 2...
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This thing is pretty cool. It's where you can vote for your favorite Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame nominees, and it also updates every sixty seconds, so you can see how the artists are doing in real time. As of right now, Pat Benetar is leading, with the Doobie Brothers and Soundgarden close behind...
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Woman Climbs In Lion Enclosure At Bronx Zoo...

There's a video that has recently emerged of a woman climbing into the Lions exhibit inside the Bronx Zoo and appears to be taunting the lion. Probably the LEAST smart thing you could do at the zoo!! Now the woman who police named Myah Autry is WANTED for questioning it what is a CRIMINAL...
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Beck Announces New Album Produced By Pharrell

Welp, Beck is back with the help of friend and production icon Pharrell assisting in the wings. Due out Novemeber 22nd and produced by the Neptunes mastermind, the LA based Alt staple's 14th album is entitled 'Hyperspace' and will feature appearances from Coldplay's Chris Martin and Sky Ferreira...
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