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Where I’ll Be Before Not So Silent Night!!

It’s no secret that I LOVE food, I mean 75% of my blogs are food related. I love to eat, shoving my face with delicious food will be my main pregame for Not So Silent Night. I got to thinking, hmm what’s good around Barclays... sure there’s Shake Shack which is always a great go to. But I’m... Read More

The Top 5 Bars To Pregame At Before #NSSN

Well it's finally here, the big day is tomorrow and with things kicking off at 7pm (check out full set times, here) you may very well not need a pre-game. But you will certainly need a place to hang after, or if you're anything like me and you show up to everything late then hey, here's where you... Read More
Smart Tv

Your Smart TV might be spying on FBI warnings

We've all experienced situations where you feel like you are being watching or monitored even at your OWN HOUSE!! You know what I are having a random conversation with someone about some RANDOM thing or product.....a few minutes are scrolling through you social media and to... Read More

Prep for NSSN with Last Year's Backstage Interviews

It's a bit cliche to talk about how a year has flown by, but 2019 did just that. It's incredible to me that it's already been just about 365 days since Not So Silent Night 2018 - the inaugural holiday bash we throw here in Brooklyn. This year's edition features Mumford and Sons, Cage The Elephant,... Read More
NSSN Set Times

Not So Silent Night Set Times!

The big night is almost here! We're all so excited to take over Barclays tomorrow night for another Not So Silent Night. You've been asking for set times. We got you. ALT 92.3's 'Not So Silent Night' 2019 Set Times 7:00 - 7:20 PM | SHAED 7:23 - 7:53 PM | Judah & the Lion 7:56 - 8:31 PM | Of... Read More

NSSN's Mumford and Sons Bring One Of The Songs Of The Decade

2009 was a great year for alternative rock...emphasis on "rock." Last year's NSSN star Muse dominated with "Uprising," this year's NSSN Special Guest Cage the Elephant was right there with "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked." You had other big hits from Rise Against, Anberlin, Kings Of Leon, The... Read More

The Rodeo Burger Is BACK!!

This brings me so much JOY! Many years ago Burger King had a burger called the Rodeo Burger. It was just $.99 and had a patty, cheese and onion rings. I remember scavenging $1.07 in change just to get this beauty. I mean I was a broke college student with no money who needed to eat and this was the... Read More

This Might Be Your New Favorite YouTube Series

If you're a music lover like me, boy do I have a treat for you. During one of my recent YouTube rabbit holes I have a habit of falling into late at night, I discovered a series called Professor of Rock. It details in great depth, the stories behind some of the most iconic rock songs in history and... Read More
Tenacious D

Listen: Jack Black & Jack White Finally Collab

There was a time when the internet was left to its own devices to ponder one of life's big questions... Had Jack White and Jack Black ever crossed paths? Had they ever physically been in the same room, had their people been in contact, and if not how was this possible? As is the case with most... Read More