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shaved dog

People Are Making Scarves And Mittens Out Of Dead Pet's Fur

I can't decide if this is sweet or creepy. On the one hand, it would be nice to be able to cuddle with your pet forever, but on the other hand, your pet is lying in the ground all hairless and.... I think I'm going with creepy. Hop on over to Etsy though, if you'd like to pay to have your dead pet'... Read More

Jelly Belly Is Releasing New Sparkling Water

What a train to hop on. I feel like sparkling water is all the rage right now and Jelly Belly wants a little piece of the pie. They are coming out with their own line of fizzy waters and they’ll taste like the jelly beans!! You’ll be able to choose between French vanilla, lemon-lime, orange sherbet... Read More

Blink 182 Launch New Merch for Good Cause

Blink 182 rules. Do you actually know anyone who doesn’t love the Southern California punk trio? From as early as "Dammit" all the way through their latest link up with Goody Grace , the fellas have entertained our ears for over 20 plus years. They’re also great human beings. In light of the... Read More

The 1975 Delay New Album ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’

Well folks, we got some good news and some bad news regarding our dreamy alternative favorites, The 1975. Despite promising a new LP would be arriving next month, the companion to last year's 'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships', turns out we'll have to wait a few more before the full... Read More

TGI Fridays UK Has a Watermelon Steak

What in the World Wide Web?!? TGI Fridays in the UK is serving up a watermelon steak with the price tag of $17.00! I’m so confused behind this whole concept of grilling watermelon and calling it steak. BUT, apparently, enough people like it as a vegan alternative. Our brand new Vegan Watermelon... Read More

The Yearly List Of Things We Got Stuck In Our Bodies

I once shoved a Lucky Charm up my nose. It smelled good. But I had to go to the doctor to get it out, and my parents were not happy. That's nothing compared to the strange things we got stuck in our noses, ears, butts, and.....other places, this past year. Here's a comprehensive list from the U.S... Read More

The Best Pearl Jam Song That Never Made an Album

I was late to the PJ game. I was, of course, aware of one of the biggest bands of the '90s growing up but only faintly. It was around 2013 when I caught their PJ20 documentary on a cable channel late at night. From there I devoured Ten, then Vs., then Vitalogy then etc., etc. With the news of their... Read More
code orange

The New Code Orange Will Rip Your Face Off

It's gonna be a big year for Code Orange. Not only is the GRAMMY-nominated hardcore group dropping their 3rd full-length LP, the bleakly titled 'Underneath', due out March 13th and produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, Deftones), they're also desert bound with a Friday night... Read More

Ctrl+ALT+Del Pick of the Week: TENNIS - "Need Your Love"

Video of Tennis - Need Your Love (Official Video) This week’s Ctrl+ALT+Del Pick of the Week is TENNIS' "Need Your Love." Listen with the RADIO.COM App | FAQ When you hear the song played in the 11AM, 2PM, 6PM, and 10PM hours TEXT "Like" OR "Dislike" to 55701 (standard messaging rates may apply)... Read More