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Woodstock 50 is Moving to Maryland


July 28, 2019

The beleaguered Woodstock 50 festival has apparently found a new venue...in Maryland. Supposedly, the event is now going to be held at Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, MD (about 30 miles outside Washington, DC). Logical, no? When you are trying to commemorate the 50th anniversary of one of the most monumental events in the history of music and culture, it TOTALLY makes sense to move that event hundreds of miles and several states away from where it actually happened. 

Originally, the anniversary festival was going to be held in Watkins Glen, NY - over two hours away from the original spot, but still, at least, in the correct state. After the announcement, it took them three months to even reveal the lineup and at that point, they said tickets would go one sale a month later, in April. All seemed good for a minute, but not long after that, one of the major acts, The Black Keys, dropped out of the festival. Then, days before the on-sale date, they postpone ticket sales. Indefinitely. Apparently, the appropriate permits hadn't yet been acquired. After that, the main investors pull out and claim they're cancelling the event, but organizers refuse to let it go and insist everything is still good to go. Wait, what? Then, a whole lot of crazy legal drama goes down and after all THAT gets resolved, the venue backs out because they failed to get paid. Unwilling to let it go though, the organizers forge forward, now submitting an application to hold the event at a smaller-capacity venue in NY, Vernon Downs Racetrack. Of course, the application is incomplete and lacking a lot of necessary logistical details, and ends up being denied - not once, but twice (the second time on appeal). At this point, it's July, the festival is about 4 weeks away and there is no venue and no tickets.

You'd probably give up now, wouldn't you?


But they haven't. They've decided to go down with the ship, I guess. They don't even really have a line-up anymore! None of the artists are obligated to show up at this point and a few more major acts - Jay-Z, John Fogerty - have backed out altogether since the move to Merriweather Post. To make things more insane, they're now saying the majority of the tickets will be FREE.

Look, this thing is totally not happening. I don't know why the organizers won't accept it - maybe because it's hard to deal with failure, maybe they're just gunning for a Netflix documentary, I don't know -  but the writing is pretty clearly on the wall. No matter what happens from this point, it's sure to be a s#!*t show.

Please. Just stop. Take the nail, hammer it in the coffin. Call a spade a spade and JUST. GIVE. UP.

Or, if you're really hell-bent on throwing a festival and Merriweather falls through and you need another venue, I hear there's a an INCREDIBLE island in the Bahamas you could try...