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Thom Yorke Announces New Solo Album

The hits keep on coming.

October 25, 2018

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has kept busy in his time away from the band composing the score for this years critically lauded horror remake, Suspiria, but apparently that wasn't enough so he's making another record.  As usual he's tapped Radiohead producer and his long running main collaborator Nigel Godrich to help him craft the effort (maybe him and Trent Reznor can swap, one of these days) which Yorke is calling a heavily electronic influenced record, though not in a way he's done before.  I guess this means he's not gonna do that one weird clicking beat thing that he's been on about since 2005. Truthfully if the Suspiria score is anything to go by, and you know, a majority of Radiohead's discography, it's probably gonna be great. Read the interview in which he announces this thing and gets into the details, here.