Stay Motivated at the Gym with This Awesome Workout Playlist

February 21, 2019

By Alaina Brandenburger

As the year rolls on, many of those who have made a New Year's resolution to lose weight will begin to find excuses for skipping the gym. However, this is a critical time for making your new healthy habits stick. By powering through these next few months, you can help ensure that your healthy habits become your new lifestyle. After all, research shows it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit. Music can help you stick with your workout by providing feel-good motivation and triggering your body to move with the beat. Before throwing in the gym towel, try motivating yourself with this playlist.

“Superposition” — Young the Giant

This smooth, melodious track off of Young the Giant's 2018 album "Mirror Master" is perfect for warm-ups and cooldowns.The beat is slow enough to help you gear up for your workout or cool off after an intense cardio session. It is lower energy than other tracks from the band, like "Simplify" and "My Body." The trippy tune will put your mind at ease as you groove along with the beat while running, lifting or biking. With a catchy hook and a steady beat, it's the perfect song for lower intensity parts of your workout.  


“BOOM” — X Ambassadors

Known for creating catchy tunes, X Ambassadors is back with a new single called “BOOM.” Although the song itself tackles some serious subject matters, the hook will have you working your hardest for the duration of the song. Reminiscent of early tracks from Franz Ferdinand, this is a great pump up tune to put into your rotation toward the end of the session when you need a little boost of energy.


“Ain't It Fun” — Paramore

Paramore's song learning to be independent in the real world is another bop to add to your workout playlist. Not only will the beat motivate you to push harder, but the lyrics are also really fun to sing. As the song ebbs and flows from a simple melody to a thumping chorus, you can change the pace of your run, which is great if you like adding short bursts of intensity to your cardio. This song is an upbeat staple for any workout.


“The Pretender” — Foo Fighters

Over the past two decades, Foo Fighters have managed to showcase their range on a variety of albums, pairing buttoned down acoustic albums with others that rock all the way through. "The Pretender" is one of the latter, and this hard-hitting track is also great for pushing yourself through a cardio session. A screaming guitar rift weaves its way through the chorus and is immediately followed by softer verses, which makes this another good song for interval training.


“Chlorine” — Twenty One Pilots

Another song that is slow enough for a warm-up or cooldown, “Chlorine” from Twenty One Pilots will help get you through your workout. Its lyrics are nonsensical, but they are paired with a catchy melody that you'll find yourself humming long after the song is over. This song is rich in layers, which makes it fun to listen to through headphones. There are subtleties throughout the song that make it dynamic and entertaining.


“Kids” — MGMT

There is a reason that this song became popular in clubs in the early 2010s - the beat makes you want to dance. Even without being overly remixed, this song's thumping bass line and background track make it easy to reach your maximum BPM by simply keeping in time with the rhythm. This song sets the soundtrack for every exercise from the rowing machine to the track. Its versatility makes it a must of any gym playlist.


“11 Minutes” — YUNGBLUD featuring Halsey and Travis Barker

English alt rock musician YUNGBLUD recently debuted this song which features Halsey and Travis Barker. The pop-rock song is heavily percussive and makes use of Halsey's distinctive voice. This song's slow and steady beat make it a good track to put on during weight lifting, rowing or any other tedious activity for which you need motivation.


“Machine” — Imagine Dragons

A newer track from Imagine Dragons, “Machine” plays out like many of their other songs, starting off slow-paced before launching into a rock-fueled chorus. The song is fluid in its simplicity, with a pulse that provides a steady soundtrack for many a workout. It's less intense than other songs from the band, opting instead for an upbeat melody that contrasts with the lyrics. The guitar solo in the middle of the song also provides a good distraction while running.  


“HandClap” — Fitz and the Tantrums

Although this song seems gimmicky and it may be played out now, having been heard at multiple sporting events across the country, this song is still amazingly catchy. A prime reason that the song is a popular stadium tune is that it is upbeat and motivating. The BPM helps to keep your heart rate up, and the song offers a fun way to spend three minutes. You can also test your balance by clapping along with the chorus while running on the treadmill.


“Lonely Boy” — The Black Keys

An entire workout playlist could likely be comprised of songs from The Black Keys alone. Songs like "Howling for You" and "Tighten Up" are also worthy of being on a workout playlist, but "Lonely Boy" offers the most bang for the beat. The song is fast paced enough for you to ramp up your intensity throughout the entire track. If you like having fun with your workouts, try mimicking the choreography from the music video.