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Spring-Themed Crafts for Kids Using Recycled Materials

April 2, 2019

By Lori Melton

Spring has finally sprung which means flowers are blooming, the grass is getting green, and temperatures are rising. Earth Day is also just around the corner. Doing spring-themed crafts using recycled items is a wonderful way for kids to welcome the arrival of nature’s most beautiful season while honoring our commitment to protect the planet.

If you need some ideas, we’ve listed three fun and easy suggestions below.


Paper Flowers
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Recycled Paper Garden

All sorts of colorful flowers bloom in spring and upcycling paper scraps to make a paper flower garden is simple.


Craft scissors
School glue
A full sheet of paper or poster board
Paper scraps
Colored pencils or markers


First, have your child draw a picture of what she wants her flowers to look like to use as a guide or outline. Next, she should pull a pile of paper scraps from the recycle bin, dump them on the table and sort through them to choose which bits to use to create flowers with. She can also cut pictures or shapes from magazines you’ve already read and are planning to pitch.

Once materials are chosen, your child should cut flower petals and stems and put them together to form a flower. Flowers can be as big or small as she wants, and she can add color with markers or colored pencils as desired.

After making several flowers, glue them onto a full sheet of paper or poster board in a cluster to make a garden.

See some cute flower examples here.


Egg Carton Crafts
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Egg Carton Tree

Trees are magnificent for many reasons. They attract rain, provide shade, make a habitat for birds, and provide food and oxygen. When their leaves return in spring, trees add beauty to their surroundings.

Kids can use an empty egg carton to make a neat, 3-D painting of a tree. Just gather these items and follow the directions below.


Clean, empty egg carton
Blank sheet of paper
Green and brown craft paint  
Craft scissors
Hot glue gun


First, cut out the individual sections of the egg carton with craft scissors. Depending on age, an adult may want to do this step. Next, your child should paint each piece of the egg carton with green paint and set them aside to dry. Using brown paint, let your child paint the trunk of the tree on the blank sheet of paper.

Once all items are dry, hot glue the egg carton “leaves” to the top of the tree trunk to complete the tree. (NOTE: Using the hot glue gun requires adult supervision or assistance).

Find step-by-step pictures here.


Wine Cork
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Cork Butterflies

All sorts of insects buzz about in spring, including colorful butterflies. In fact, the magic of a butterfly’s metamorphosis kind of mirrors the rebirth of trees, plants, and flowers in spring. Kids of all ages can create a cute butterfly with just a few items, including a cork.


One or more corks (if you want to make more than one butterfly)
Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Paper or paper scraps (Colored or plain)
School glue
Colored pencils or markers


First, to make a pair of wings, draw an “almost-heart” shape on paper, fold the paper in half and cut it out. If plain paper is used, your child can color the wings with his favorite color. Using colored paper saves this step. Or, you can use newspaper or any other available paper scraps from the recycle bin.

Next, spread lots of glue in the center of the wings and then press them to the back of the cork, which serves as the butterfly’s body. Then, add googly eyes to the cork to give it eyes and then cut short pieces of pipe cleaner and glue it on as antennae. Finally, draw a smile on the cork with a marker.

See step-by-step pictures here.