Brooklyn Music School Announces Early Childhood Music and Movement Education Classes

July 10, 2018

Brooklyn Music School (BMS) has announced their Early Childhood Music and Movement Education Classes for ages infant through 4-years-old beginning in September 2018, with several 12-week course offerings. All classes take place at the Brooklyn Music School, 126 Saint Felix Street, Brooklyn, NY and are taught by highly trained and qualified instructors. Registration starts at $15/class and is available HERE

Music is compelling for young children and is highly beneficial for their mental and social development. BMS Early Music employs cutting-edge techniques in early music education to encourage social and cognitive development while focusing on building language, visual, physical, and aural skills.

The BMS Early Childhood Music curriculum combines proprietary approaches to early music education with the best of early education methodologies and has developed learning benchmarks that reflect consultation with NYC-Blueprint for the Arts.

BMS's Early Childhood Music curriculum emphasizes experiential learning - singing, moving, creating, seeing, hearing, touching - in an effort to encourage an empirical connection with music at an early age that will manifest in lifelong development. BMS believes their curricular mission is best accomplished through concerted efforts between parents and professional music educators, as well as constant reflection upon our value for the creative process.

BMS Early Childhood Music lessons develop word, color, and letter recognition to enhance early interpretation of everyday life through:

  • Music Making: through exploration, replication, and observation, students can develop their unique voice in music and how it can impact their everyday lives.
  • Music Literacy: developing a working knowledge of musical language and applying this knowledge to performance, analyzing, and creating music.
  • Making Connections: exposure to common themes and principles of music through historical, social, and cultural contexts.
  • Community and Cultural Resources: students can broaden their perspective by working with professional artists and having regular exposure to different musical mediums, creating a fertile ground for students' music learning and creativity.
  • Careers and Lifelong Learning: students carry physical, social, and cognitive skills learned in music, and an ability to appreciate and enjoy participating in music throughout their lives.

Current Course Offerings


Students and parents/caregivers will engage in musical activities with instructors promoting musical and educational growth. Students and caregivers will be exposed to various instruments and musical mediums. Sing-alongs, echo songs, finger play, early instrumentation (bells, sticks, hand drums, guitars, ukulele, keyboards) as well as visual stimulation (puppets, musical books, scarves, visual prompts). From birth, parents use music to calm and soothe children, to express love and joy, and to engage and interact. Our Early Music Education Program will enable parents to build on these instincts by learning and observing how music can impact a child and how they can impart music into aspects of their everyday lives.

Class size 10-12; Parents/Caregivers attend; 50min; 12-week sessions from 9/6 - 12/20


Students and Teachers will further their musical experience through singing, movement activities, and working with various instruments. Students will further their understanding of voice and musical/instrumental recognition through an early introduction to instruments, music and movement activities, echo songs, call and response, finger play, and musical games. Music ignites all areas of child development from intellectual and social, to motor language and literacy. This program is designed to expose young children to Music in all its forms while also continuing the Early Education process to promote school readiness.

Class size 12; 50min; 12-week sessions from 9/6 - 12/20

Music FUNdamentals (Ages 3-4)

Each week, we will be exploring many instrumental families: percussion, strings, piano, etc., while also focusing heavily on singing and movement activities. While learning about each instrument or learning a song/routine, we will also explore musical concepts such as tempo, dynamics, and timbre through musical activities and games. During certain classes, BMS instructors will introduce and demonstrate a variety of instruments. Music FUNdamentals provides a musical foundation for students and acts as a great starting point for private lessons.

Class size 12; 50min; 12-week sessions from 9/6 - 12/20

Making Instruments (Ages 3-4)

Students will have hands-on experience learning about the structure and integrity of various instruments and their inner workings by looking, touching, listening, and re-creating these instruments they have studied using various art materials.

Class size 12; 50min; 12-week sessions from 9/6 - 12/20

Musical Pathways (Ages 3-4)

This class continues to expose young musicians to musical concepts but increases rigor by providing students with the opportunity to experience, identify, and describe what they are learning. In addition to similar games and activities provided in the foundational classes, this course introduces a different instrument group each week. Students will have the opportunity to engage with a variety of different instrument families and see how each instrument is played. This is a great class to allow students to find a "pathway" to an instrument that speaks to them and explore the benefits of practicing music.

Class size 12; 50min; 12-week sessions from 9/6 - 12/20

Yoga & Dance (Ages 2-3)

This unique program is run in partnership with MUSE Academy and is offered for parents who wish to expose their children to dance, yoga, and music at an early age. Children at these ages undergo massive cognitive, social, and emotional changes which enable them to understand the world around them. In this class, children will experience warm and nurturing sensations through experiences focused on creativity, sensory awareness, and social development. Additionally, kids will refine their motor skills and energy regulation, while developing a natural sense of rhythm through music and movement.

Class size 10; 45min; 12-week sessions from 9/17/18 to 12/17/18

The Brooklyn Music School views music and performance as the birthright of all people, an essential way that human beings connect with others and explore their creativity. The study of music has been demonstrated to enhance academic learning and help develop discipline and confidence that will serve children well throughout their lives. As part of the vision of reinventing the community music school for the 21st Century, BMS is dedicated to:

  • Making high-quality musical instruction approachable and affordable to a wide range of students.
  • Creating frequent opportunities for performance for our students and cultural enrichment for our community.
  • Representing a wide range of musical traditions, including European, African, Middle Eastern, and American to represent the diversity of Brooklyn's musical talent.
  • Offering a warm and welcoming space for families and individuals to explore new talents and make lasting friendships.

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