Christopher Polk / Staff

Our Own Oscars: ALT 92.3's Top '90s Movies OF ALL TIME

February 20, 2019

As we await the broadcast of the 91st Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, February 24th live from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, CA...

Who are we kidding? We're not watching the Oscars! We all know A Star Is Born is winning everything including the kitchen sink. So, we'll be tucking in with a massive bag of popcorn to watch our favorite '90s movies OF ALL TIME.

How are we picking these flicks, you ask. We're letting our DJs do the leg work!

Cane's Pick:

​I'm doing a Dumb and Dumber / Tommy Boy double feature, as those are Hollywood cinema's grandest achievements.  


Christine's Pick:

The Matrix turns 20 this year and is STILL influencing filmmaking, technology, and tech-obsessed billionaires who think we're living in it. (It's possible. I mean, I might have picked this movie so the machines won't be upset with me. Best to stay on their good side.) In 1999 I loved The Matrix's stylish, sci-fi take on Why We're Here. I also wanted to be Trinity when I grew up, whether or not I was growing up in a simulation.

And it passes the true litmus test for movies I love: do I quote it regularly?

Answer: there is no spoon.


Corey's Pick: 

Titanic... it was the first time I saw a naked woman on TV...  lol!


Bryce's Pick:

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America cuz it's for sure more entertaining and shorter than whatever the Oscars are now.



Kevan Kenney's Pick:

'90s? HEAT all day. Best movie ever. Not up for discussion. Val Kilmer all day. Pacino all day. De Niro all day. Henry Rollins all day. Anyone who disagrees can fight me.