Yungblud Finds Inspiration In the Chaos Of New York City Life

March 26, 2018

Yungblud (Joe Cingrana/ALT 92.3 Radio)


By Joe Cingrana

You've been hearing the up-tempo debut track "I Love You, Will You Marry Me" from Yungblud on-air for a while now, and after every spin you probably think to yourself there must be some sort of underground pop-ska-punk parties that you've been missing out on.

Well, you are.

The U.K. native who just happens to be rock & roll royalty (his grandfather performed with T.Rex in the '70s) has been pumping out his unique style of songwriting since 2017 and during his most recent visit to New York City, ALT 92.3 Radio's Omar Torres got to know the man on a first name basis.

Yungblud admits he's heard the question before: 'Where exactly did your name come from?'

"Man it's so funny. Everyone always expects me to say some metaphorical story," the singer, whose real is name Dominic Harrison, reveals about his stage name Yungblud. But the actual way his moniker came about is a whole lot tamer than anything you could make up. "I was the youngest person on my management roster," he admits. "And my manager would always call me -- 'alright Youngblood!' -- I was the youngblood of the management roster.

"When I was writing my music I was like, 'Dominic Harrison doesn't really cut it' -- it's a bit polite for what I'm talking about... and then BING lightbulb moment! But Youngblood spelled right looks a bit polite, so I was like 'take the O's out, replace 'em with U's!'"

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While in the Big Apple, Yungblud will certainly be able to find new muses for new music -- just like he says the energy and positivity of his last trip here inspired him to begin writing. "As soon as I got off the plane I was like, 'whoa!' -- and I think that's part of my personality. I feed off... I'm always buzzing all the time. That's why I want to live here one day.

"I do get inspired by places I go to -- but I always knew I wanted to come to New York just because you see it sitting in the north of England watching it on the telly. I was like, 'that place looks like it can facilitate my energy and everyone's not gonna look at me like I'm a nutcase because I'm just being myself!'"

Check out the video for "I Love You, Will You Marry Me" HERE and follow along with Yungblud on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.