That Time Houndmouth Dumped All Their Gear On the Brooklyn Bridge

May 22, 2018

By Joe Cingrana

New listeners to the Indiana band Houndmouth and die-hards alike will be happy to know that when members Zak Appleby, Matt Meyers, and Shane Cody sat down with ALT 92.3's Omar Torres for an #ALTassembly along with some lucky fans, they got to the bottom of where their unique name came from. You would think there's some long-winded backstory involving perhaps a dog and some sharp teeth -- but no, they humbly admit it's all thanks to a random name generator.

"It's arbitrary," admits Meyers. "We didn't even want to have to mess with it."

"If names mattered that much," Appleby explains, "we would be a metal band."

"The good thing is that when you Google us, that's the only thing that comes up. Well, sometimes there's dogs' mouths," jokes Cody.

Houndmouth (Joe Cingrana/WBMP)

Now that one mystery is out of the way, another is about to unfold...

The guys remembered a story that took place during their first trip to New York City to perform at Bowery Ballroom in support of the band Dry the River. 

"Our van and trailer wouldn't fit out in front of the Bowery on the curb they had reserved for us," says Meyers. "So we take our trailer off and parked it perpendicular to the curb. Everything goes ok, played the show, great show. come back out, start loading up our trailer and nobody really checks that it's on the hitch properly! So, we're leaving New York to go stay somewhere else in a hotel and we were crossing the Brooklyn Bridge when we hit this big bump at the very end of the bridge.

"Our trailer comes off! It's hanging on by the chains in the back of our van and there's sparks flying and everything -- pandemonium sets in in the van..."

"I don't know if you've ever heard a trailer being pulled down the street, but it's like a flaming chariot," jokes Appleby. 

"Plus our trailer was completely loaded with gear," Meyers continued. "So there's us scrawny dudes out there trying to pick up this trailer and put it back on the hitch while in the middle of whatever-the-heck street we were on!"

So, if you were stuck in bridge traffic or had a drumstick fly through your window back in September of 2012 -- give Houndmouth a shout and let 'em know you were there!

Houndmouth's latest single, "This Party" is out now!