Emerging Artist G Flip Steps Out From Behind the Drums and Into the Spotlight

May 16, 2018

By Joe Cingrana

Aussie native Georgia Flipo, better known as G Flip, dropped by ALT 92.3 this week to sit down with Omar Torres to give fans and new listeners a feel for where she's headed now that she's got two singles climbing the charts of our hearts. 

Her first, "About You," was released in February 2018 along with a music video that shows just how deep her musicianship goes. The behind-the-scenes clip features G Flip creating music on her own utilizing keyboards, guitars, drum pads, as well as a live drum set which for those who don't know is where she got her musical start.

Drummers are naturally the ones at the back of the stage laying down grooves and generally staying out of the spotlight -- but the decision to move to the front of the action was a natural one for G Flip.

G-Flip (Photo: Joe Cingrana/WBMP)

"I think my whole life I've been a little bit of a performer -- outgoing and running around screaming and yelling, and I'm pretty comfortable in front of people and talking in front of people and singing," G Flip admits. "So it was kind of always in me that I thought maybe one day I could do some kind of solo project where I was up front. But I think the whole time I was playing drums in bands I secretly had a little bit of envy for the guys in front of me who could run around.

"I like moving a lot and having to be stuck on a drum stool was getting to me and I just wanted to run around a little bit more. I kind of just watched everyone in front of me and was taking notes in my head on what to do if I ever got the chance to be a frontwoman."

G-Flip (Photo: Joe Cingrana/WBMP)

That envy has turned into a full-fledged concept -- during G Flip's exclusive performance for some lucky ALT 92.3 winners who got to attend our ALT Assembly she easily went from drumming and singing, to playing guitar while drumming and singing, as well as hopping behind the keyboard for a more low-key track.

G Flip released her second single, "Killing My Time" on May 16th along with a lyric video. Check out the teaser below!


Huge thanks to G Flip for dropping by and hanging with some lucky listeners. 

New Artist ALERT: @itsomartorres sat down with @gflip today. They talked about her current single "About You" and how she talks to her drum set. Then she performed for our studio audience. ------ • • • • • • • #Gflip #Newmusic #Alt923 #ALT923radio #Alt #radio #aussie #music #aboutyou

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