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Reminiscing On 90 Years Of Mickey Mouse

Welp today’s the day... happy 90th birthday Mickey!

November 18, 2018

Is there any other character that humanity has ever known that has a connection with every single person on the planet? Seriously, I’d wager that every single person on earth smiles when they think of Mickey Mouse, no matter if they are an infant or infinitely older and well into adulthood. I mean year after year, I am shocked at how many of my 20-and-30-something friends make their pilgrimage to Disney!!!!! Not hating... just a little jealous... and intrigued. 

Anyway, it all started on November 18th, 1928 when Mickey first debuted in Steamboat Willie at The Colony Theatre right here in NYC, and as everyone says these days, a star was born.

Sooo what’s the most 2018 way Disney could commemorate this momentous occasion you ask? A worldwide social push for guys named Michael to change how they introduce themselves to others and bring back the name Mickey?


More like collaborate with a bunch of brands and make money off their licensed products! For a limited time, you can buy Mickey Vans sneakers, eat Mickey Oreos and Goldfish cheddar crackers, cook Mickey soup in a Mickey pot and eat it out of a Mickey shaped bowl (which might be difficult if the soup ends up in his little ears) ...as you can see here they really covered all the bases. Shout out NYC’s own Ample Hills Creamery though... they make some of the best ice cream in the tri state!!!!!

Lastly, with all these Mickey products, couldn’t they have brought back the best Mickey/ Disney product of all time??? Who else remembers these ice pops? And side note you def need to scroll down and be reminded of all the other amazing products of our childhood and teenage years! 

Someone please sing it with me... M I C - K E Y - M O U S E!