Nicki's dog Hudson

New Study Finds Dogs Resemble Their Human's Personality

Please tell me you've noticed this too!

March 4, 2019

An extremely fascinating new study was just conducted with more than 1,600 dogs and their humans to see if they share personality traits.

Anddddd science says... they do!

There are still a lot of unknowns here, but it would seem that "Part of it is the dog you pick, and part of it is the dog it ultimately becomes because of you," according to the study's lead author, William J. Chopik.

For example, it was concluded that extroverted people tend to have dogs that are highly active and excitable and people with negative personality traits said that their dogs tended to be more fearful.

This is soooo believable! Have you ever noticed how some dogs have certain quirks that seem very in line with their human? Or possibly how people who always seem distressed and anxious have dogs that are too? Or people who are generally happy and confident have dogs with personalities that reflect this as well?

As for my pup, Hudson, pictured above, he's always just been super cool and a crowd pleaser, but kinda weird too... soooo clearly he gets all of that from me...jk... or not... idk. I always just thought it came down to dogs being extremely good at picking up vibes, but I guess now there's some research to back it up!

Oh and btw, the study also concluded the best time to train your dog is at age 6! Find out more here!