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The Lumineers' Neyla Pekarek Exits Band

October 21, 2018

Just like a snake shedding it's skin, The Lumineers' cellist Neyla Pekarek is viewing her departure from the band as a "rebirth" of sorts. She shared how grateful she was for the experiences she's had with the band, which all began with her answering a Craigslist add eight years ago. The Lumineers then went on to be nominated for two Grammys, meet President Obama, have multiple #1 singles, and sell out Madison Square Garden.

If you told a 23 year old me, perusing Craigslist (to find a way out of my parents’ basement), that I would join a band, get nominated for a couple Grammys, open for U2, sell out Madison Square Garden, travel the world a few times over, shake hands with the Obamas, and get to share music in front of thousands of people for my JOB....I woulda said you were NUTS! But I got to be part of that, and I’m so very grateful; but it’s time for me to step away and open a new chapter. Thank you to everyone who believed in us, and took a chance on some greasy kids in a minivan; who let us sleep on your couches and who helped me get out of my parents’ basement (even though they’re great). Best wishes to @thelumineers on their future endeavors, and stay tuned for mine. ❤️--✨

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Pekarek now feels it is the right time to head out on her own and pursue a solo career. She has already completed a concept album inspired by Katherine McHale, known as Rattlesnake Kate. She will be performing some of her new music at NYC's Rockwood Music Hall next month.

The Lumineers also released a statement, adding that they wish Pekarek the best.