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Joe Raedle / Staff

Krispy Kreme Is Set To Open A Giant 24/7 NYC Flagship

January 29, 2020

NYC has long been underserved when it comes to the American classic, Krispy Kreme donuts. Up until now, our only location to get our fill of the sweet, fried glazed or frosted dough has been inside Penn Station. Not really sure how many of us would actually go out of our way and deal with the crowds, tourists, and hoards of sleeping or panhandling homeless people to get a donut, but I'd guess not many.

That changes this year!

Krispy Kreme announced plans for a gigantic, new, open 24/7 Times Square location last summer, and we now have confirmation it's set to make it's debut in May. In case you're groaning at the thought of setting foot in Times Square, (see above for "crowds, tourists, and hoards of sleeping or panhandling homeless people") this location is going to be so massive and tricked out it could be worth a trip.

The 4,500 square foot space will be located on the corner of 48th & Broadway and will feature the "world's largest Hot Light" which will always be lit to let you know you can come in for a hot, fresh treat 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Inside, there will be stadium style seating that overlooks bakers mixing ingredients and placing donuts on the delivery line to pass under the glaze waterfall. Outside, it'll be home to an enormous wraparound Krispy Kreme LED screen that will cover the top of the building; in the day, it'll look like the white top of a donut box. At night, it'll turn black with a neon New York City skyline filling the space. Lastly, as you might expect for a Times Square flagship (think M&M's world) there will be plenty of NYC themed Krispy Kreme merch for sale. Yup... just what you always wanted!


We’re coming to #TimesSquare in 2020! Hot and fresh #OriginalGlazed doughnuts, digital experiences, and exclusive merch! ✨-- Who’s excited?! Check out our future 24/7 Flagship! -- #KrispyKreme #NYC

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If all of this still isn't enough to get you to Times Square, a location at 37th & 6th is opening on Feb 4th. Locations in the Financial District, Harlem, Bronx and Upper West Side will also be opening throughout 2020, and the old faithful location in Penn Station is set to reopen tomorrow (1/30) after being closed for a few weeks of renovations.