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​Green Day Rehearses Another Classic Album In Full

Add 1991's 'Kerplunk!' To The Ongoing Mystery

August 26, 2018

About a month ago Green Day drummer Tre Cool shared that the band had gotten together and rehearsed their classic album Dookie in full via a vague Instagram post. The world thought it would pretty much automatically lead to them announcing a 25th anniversary Dookie tour.


Fun band practice - swipe to see the set list we played today ...—>

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Before any such announcement came out, bassist Mike Dirnt posted a similar vague IG post showing that they rehearsed Insomniac in full. The world thought maybe there would be a joint Dookie/ Insomniac tour. Time passed, and nothing happened.


#Insomniac Swipe to see today’s set list ➡️

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Until Friday...

Tre Cool now posted that they rehearsed 1991's Kerplunk! in full.


KERPLUNK! Swipe to see what today’s set list looks like ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️

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Soooo here we go again... this has to be leading to something right?