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An Alarming Number Of Young People Are Dying By "Selficide"

Scientists are really worried

October 7, 2018

Say it with me... Dar-win-ism.

A new study has found that hundreds of young people have tragically lost their lives over the past few years due to choosing to take selfies in dangerous places. From October 2011 to November 2017, 259 people have died and many more have been injured. These are only the reported incidents, and it's worth knowing there are definitely lots of unreported incidents out there as well.


Being a millennial, but also having a brain, I wonder is this 

A. Sheer stupidity?

B. Overly excessive arrogance and invincibility?


C. A need for validation so bad that these people are almost "victims" of Social Media?


Case study aside, the average age of death is 22.94 years old, and by the time people reach age 30 they finally have enough sense to not do this and their chances of "selficide" drops significantly. The top 3 causes of death are drowning, being hit by a vehicle, and falling. Other causes of death include being mauled by an animal, electrocution, fire - related, and in the US especially, gun related.

After the conclusion of this study, the scientists have suggested "no selfie zones," although if someone has the overwhelming need to take such a dangerous selfie, hanging up a sign probably isn't going to stop them.

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