WATCH: Go on a Trip with Robert DeLong and K.Flay in “Favorite Color Is Blue” Video

You definitely want to see this colorfully distorted video

May 15, 2018
Robert DeLong and K.Flay


It doesn’t matter what your favorite color is in this current moment because after watching the new Robert DeLong video featuring K.Flay below, you'll find yourself saying your “Favorite Color Is Blue.”

Shot in Texas while the duo was on tour, the video was produced by Dmitry Tokoyakov and directed by Evgenia Strukova, both of which have worked on The Revenant in addition to directing videos for Imagine Dragons and more.

“This video was one of the few times where something felt totally right after the first draft, which is saying something,” said DeLong in a press release.

And that’s because Dmitry and DeLong seemed to have the same vision in mind from the start—one that included similar visual tastes in everything from surreal animation to glitch.

He continues, “The experience was quite a unique one, in that K.Flay and I were set up with a seemingly arbitrary set of instructions for what needed to be filmed in front of a green-screen, and had to trust that Dmitry and his Russian team were going to deliver something coherent from what was captured.”

See what they came up with in the official “Favorite Color Is Blue” video!

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