Photo: Kevan Brooks / Sipa / USA Today

Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda Announces Solo Album 'Post Traumatic' with 2 New Songs

March 29, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling 

Mike Shinoda is going solo.

The Linkin Park leader has officially announced his debut solo album, Post Traumatic, set for release on June 15.

Shinoda has shared the initial details of Post Traumatic on social media, sharing a handwritten press release with pre-sale and other information.

“It’s a journey out of grief and darkness, not into grief and darkness,” Shinoda revealed about Post Traumatic in an official press statement. “If people have been through something similar, I hope they feel less alone.”

The artist sat down with KROQ in Los Angeles this morning to discuss the new project, and also the future of Linkin Park.

"I'm waiting to see what reveals itself," Shinoda said.

"Just personally I have to wrap my head around the idea, I want to get on stage and play a song of ours if we do that, and we don't do Chester's parts and let the crowd sing it, that's very heavy," he continued.

"Looking forward into what is the band, those questions have to get answered right? And I don't have those answers. I think by going out into the world and just exploring what's out there, hopefully I'll find some of those."

The album announcement came with two new songs from the set, complete with music videos: "Crossing a Line" and "Nothing Makes Sense Anymore."

Check out Shinoda's announcement post and new music below.