YouTuber Built a Pirate Ship Out of White Claw Cans

Perfect marriage of quarantine drinking and productivity.

July 27, 2020
White Claw

Christopher Lane / Getty Images


These last few months have tested all of us, for sure. We were all forced to come up with ways to entertain ourselves in isolation and break up the monotony of endless days at home. Most of us accomplished this by binge-watching obscene amounts of Netflix and taking copious naps. Taylor Hancock, however, took things to the next level.

Using 273 empty cans of White Claw and a whole lot of hot glue, Taylor constructed a pirate ship he named the S.S. Clawdia (see what he did there?). Admittedly, it's pretty impressive. I mean, we all took to drinking more during lockdown, but Taylor turned his day drinking into a work of art that will resonate through the ages (mainly because nothing on the inernet ever dies). To add to the epicness of his creation, he dressed up his little dogs as pirates and set them afloat in his pool aboard the S.S. Clawdia.

Sadly (is it though?), Clawdia met an unfortunate end when... well, you can watch for yourself to see what happened. (Note: the dogs had a successful voyage. No harm came to the dogs.)

Honestly, more impressive than the ship is the fact that he had 273 empties of White Claw. Bet Cane could have given him a run for his money though...