You Can Buy a Mask That Has Your Face On it

...which would not be weird at ALL.

July 2, 2020
Woman in Protective Face Mask

AntonioGuillem / Getty Images


With my longer hair and my face mask, I often feel like a ninja in public - people don't recognize me as easily anymore. Depending on the type of person you are, this kind of thing can be a blessing or a curse. If going incognito is not your jam, there's good news... you can now get a mask with the lower half of your face printed on it!

An artist in California named Danielle Baskin (no relation?) has created a service called Maskalike which prints images on protective face masks. You could go basic and put your own face on it, or you could punk your friends and print your favorite meme. Either way, the results are pretty disturbing.

This is either the most brilliant idea or deeply disturbing and nightmare-inducing. Check it out for yourself here.