Bored? Spin the Quarantine Wheel!

It'll help you find something to do...

May 21, 2020
Spin the wheel

Zephyr18 / Getty Images


Being in quarantine is a tiring experience. Just the act of existing seems so draining. Even making minor decisions seems like too much. Now over two months in, coming up with things to do in this seemingly endless downtime is getting harder and harder. You've watched all of Netflix, you've done all the puzzles at least 10 times, and you've baked and eaten so much banana bread you're starting to smell like banana.

Enter the Quarantine Wheel. It can't fix your financial woes or give you a hug, but it can relieve you of the burden of having to decide things and give you something to occupy your afternoon. Not much, but it's something in this insane time.

Should you go outside? Should you watch a bad movie? Should you call and check in on Grandma? YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO DECIDE! Quarantine Wheel will figure it all out for you!