[SPOILERS] How Game of Thrones is Going to End

There's a reddit user who has predicted most of the last two episodes

May 19, 2019
Dragon attacking boy with Fire

Getty Images/Grandfailure

I am 1000% in the camp of GoT fans who think the showrunners have completely destroyed this show. I wept through the second half of "The Bells", not because Dany did a bad thing ( a really, really REALLY bad thing), but because, while I think she would have lashed out, she never would have done what she did to the extent she did it. She just wouldn't have. D&D threw away 8 years of character development (not just hers, but many others) in favor of shock and spectacle. They killed a brilliantly sophisticated show with laziness and bad writing. They broke me, man. At this point, I will be watching the finale, but I will be hate-watching (yes, I signed the stupid petition. Not because anything will come of it, but just to make a point.).

However, while the last couple of episodes surprised the crap outta me, they clearly didn't surprise the Reddit user u/throwaway5873421. Although most of the history has been deleted, digging around on reddit I have determinded that this user's predictions showed up at least two weeks ago (ahead of Episode 4) and were SPOT. ON.

Here is a twitter user who posted a screenshot of the original predictions. If you wanna rip the band-aid off and find out exactly how it's gonna go down before you watch read on. If not, consider this a SPOILER warning and MOVE ON.

Also, here is last week's horror show of an Episode, "The Bells", as told by Sock Puppets:


R.I.P, Game of Thrones, R.I.P. See you again for a proper ending when and IF Georgie ever writes those last two novels...