Pickles on Pizza!

Seriously, it's the real dill.

July 1, 2019
pickle pizza

Getty Images/Kondor83


People, especially those from NY/NJ, get extremely passionate about their pizza toppings. Bring up anchovies or pineapple and pizza at a party and just wait for fireworks. Everyone has an opinion about it and no one is chill. It makes sense. We live in the only area where you can depend on being able to get real pizza. Most other parts of the country only have something I'd like to refer to as "pizza product". It's tasty, but it is not pizza.

Enter Minnesota and their radical contribution to the pizza scene - Dill Pickle Pizza. Apparently, there's a pizza joint in Minnesota making pizza with Dill pickles on it. It's a "pizza" with a garlic dill sauce instead of tomato sauce, mozarella cheese, canadian bacon and piles of pickles. I have to admit, I kinda don't hate it! Ultimately, what they make is a pizza product, but the base concept - pickles on pizza - seems kinda genius. The sour dill flavor of the pickles mixed with the umami delight of tomato sauce and mozzarella - I'm totally down to at least try it.

If nothing else, this gives us one more thing to argue about at our next holiday party, which is what we like to do best anyway, right?