Panic! At The Disco Guitarist No Longer Performing With the Band

Alternative Press links it to disturbing claims against him

September 23, 2018
Panic at the Disco

© Maria Vassett/Special for azcentral


Yesterday afternoon, Panic! at the Disco tweeted that long-time guitarist Kenneth Harris will no longer be touring with the band.

Kenneth Harris has been with the band since 2013 when former guitarist Spencer Smith unoffically left the band due to health reasons. While the band has not yet elaborated on the reason behind the line-up change, Alternative Press is linking the decision to some disturbing claims made by a young woman on Twitter.

The Alternative Press article points to a tweet by a girl named Ashley (@donasnooze) where she says, "i really do love panic! at the disco but uhhh.. kenneth harris needs to be called out, so here's a thread about my experience with him".

To dig deeper, you can read the full thread by clicking on the tweet above.