January is Divorce Month

Better get that holiday gift right. No pressure...

December 17, 2019
Broken heart and wedding rings with a judge's gavel

Ilya Burdun/Getty Images


So, apparently, there is a such big uptick in new divorce filings in the first two weeks of January, the month's been dubbed "Divorce Month." According to this article, celeb attorney Laura Wasser told USA Today that January has rightfully earned its reputation. "It is absolutely true that the first month of the year, and in particular the first half of it, is the highest for either new clients or divorce filings," she says. "Definitely that first week back (after the holidays) is always very busy."

I wonder what it is about January that spells doom for so many couples? Like, are people just trying to be nice, sparing their soon-to-be-exs from a traumatic holiday season? Is it the excessive quality time with in-laws that drives people to the lawyer's office? Maybe some peeps are just waiting to collect their holiday gifts before pulling the plug. Brutal.

Kinda makes you think you ought put a little extra effort into that holiday shopping... you know, just in case.

No pressure.

(Just kidding. You totally didn't marry the kind of a-hole that would divorce you over a less-than-perfect holiday gift.)

(Or did you?)