Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Totally Lost His Voice On Stage

Every Lead Singer's Worst Nightmare...

August 5, 2018
Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons

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We all get anxiety dreams. Mine usually involve me in the studio at work, pushing all kinds of buttons and freaking out because there is NO SOUND COMING OUT OF THE SPEAKER OH MY GOD THEY'RE TOTALLY GONNA FIRE ME. Nothing I ever do makes the music come back on. It's awful.

Last night, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons had a nightmare where he lost his voice in front of 20,000+ fans in Houston. Except it wasn't an anxiety dream, it was real life. He had some sort of freak allergic reaction and found himself on stage at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in Houston, unable to sing.

The. Horror.

According to Dan, the crowd ended up singing the entire show for him. The usually sarcastic, goofy singer posted to his Instastory earlier this morning to share what happened and express his heartfelt love and gratitude for the Imagine Dragons' incredible fanbase, especially the people at the show last night. He was truly touched by "...the beauty of a lot of strangers that made [him] feel comfortable in what was the worst nightmare of all time..." He also said that he's going to visit the doctor today and will hopefully be able to perform tonight in New Orleans.

On a side note, I love that this story is about finding yourself in the situation you fear the most and instead of it being the nightmare you imagined it would be, it turns out to be an inspiring and uplifting story of love and support. The magical powers of music. <3