Dude Gets a Tattoo of Charles Manson With His ASHES Mixed In

Red Flags Everywhere...

July 8, 2019
Person getting tattooed

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Sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone is a bit mentally unstable… the warning signs can a bit grey. Perhaps they have 10 cats too many. Maybe they don’t go *anywhere* without their mother. Maybe they think Africa is a really good band. In those cases, it could go either way. Other times, the signs are pretty $%&*ing clear. Like, perhaps getting a tattoo of a notorious serial killer on your arm made with the murder’s actual ashes mixed in.

No seriously. This actually happened. This guy, John Michael Jones, is apparently a huge fanboy of Charles Manson (they supposedly used to be pen pals!) and decided to get a massive tattoo of the serial killer covering his whole upper arm. To make it extra special, the artist who did the tattoo, Ryan Almighty, gave Jones a sweet bonus – he mixed Manson’s actual ASHES into the ink!

I have so many questions.

I’m kinda not sure which of these two dudes I should be more worried about. The one who is now walking around with a permanent memorial to Charles Manson on his arm, or the dude that has Charles Manson’s  ashes just lying around… you know, in case you need them for something…like a BLOOD PAINTING?

Latest HUMAN BLOOD PAINTING by yours truly (Ryan Almighty) CHARLIE MANSON'S EYES and was done in part at a live blood painting presentation @time_bomb_tattoo Added some of Manson's hair to the "X" in the forhead and his cremains to the eyes, just need to heavily varnish, and there you have it a genuine Charles Manson relic .... I'm going to have this one professionally framed with a nice Manson signature...this is not one of the 4 ATWA series that will be for display only.. I'm not going to share those until I am finished... Please share and spread the gospel #RyanAlmighty #real #human #blood #art #bloodpainter #charlesmanson #charliemanson #manson #atwa #truecrime #tmz #gore #goth #tmz #newsweek #ripleysbelieveitornot #lsd

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Do yourself a favor if you’d like to sleep well tonight, don’t go too far down the rabbit hole of that guy’s Insta, K?