Driver Caught Taking a Nap AT THE WHEEL

Auto pilot just shouldn't be a thing, bruh.

August 26, 2019
Guy sleeping at the wheel

metamorworks/Getty Images Plus


Some people get super jazzed about new technology and innovation. They're gadget people, always all about the hottest new tech. Not me. I've had the same phone for probably four years. My TV isn't flat and it weighs a ton. I still have a collection of over 500 CDs and I get freaked out by the idea of text messages pinging on my wrist. I like books. Made of paper.

Part of it must be nostalgia, but part of it is me thinking technoogy is starting to go too far. It's part of everything we do now. I love my iPhone and my Alexa, but I don't love that Apple and Amazon are potentially listening to everything I say. I hate that Google somehow shows me ads for things I was thinking of searching for yesterday. It's creepy. And self-driving cars? NO. Just... no.

Case in point: THIS GUY:

HE IS COMPLETELY F'IN ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL OF HIS TESLA! Hand folded, toooootally cool with letting Auto-pilot take over on his drive down I-5 at 70 MPH. And it's supposedly not his first time, either!

I am just not ok with that. Tesla says that their auto-pilot is meant to have an attentive driver at the wheel, ready to take over at any time, but clearrrrly, not everyone is taking that little instruction seriously. Some people think self-driving cars and auto-pilot are actually make roads safer but F THAT. Give me good ol' human error anyday over the idea of AI taking over the world.  Not cool, man, not cool.