Dragon’s Breath Cereal Is Darwinism At Work.

You probably shouldn’t consume food coated in liquid nitrogen

August 16, 2018
Fruity Cereal Balls

© Nbvf | Dreamstime.com


First, there were Tide pods, then, the Hot Water Challenge, now a new trend has emerged...”Dragon’s Breath Cereal”. It's basically fruity cereal puffs coated in liquid nitrogen. This way, when you eat it, it allows you to exhale vapor that makes it appear like you are breathing smoke.

Sounds totally rad, right?


While Liquid Nitrogen is known for many things, like its ability to freeze off warts or its use as a computer coolant, it is NOT KNOWN (typically) as an edible substance. For good reason. Anything that can eat through the tissue on the inside of your mouth or dissolve your internal organs should probably not be marketed as food. But hey, as long as you look cool, go for it.

Suffolk County has decided to crack down on it, but all of these wack-job trends are just Darwinism at work to me. If you’re dumb enough to try it...Survival of the Fittest, I say. 

Speaking of which, I know it’s kinda faded out now, but...think there’s a way to get the Kardashians into the Tide Pod Challenge?