Delusional Man, 69, Wants to Legally Change His Age to 49

Further Proof That People Are Just Getting Dumber.

November 11, 2018

There always has to be one crackpot making a mockery out of real issues. This time, the crackpot is from the Netherlands. A 69-year old Dutch TV Personality named Emile Ratelband, claiming he identifies as 49, is seeking to legally change his age from 69 to 49. According to the AP, he says he feels that his appeal is in line with other forms of identity changes that are currently legal, like name and gender changes (except no, it's really not). 

"With this free(dom) of choice, choice of name, freeness of gender, I want to have my own age. I want to control myself," he said Thursday.

Mainly, the issue is with dating sites. He told The Associated Press, "If I go on Tinder, then I get women from 68, 69 when women are there."

Uh, yeah, crazypants. Because most 50-and-under women who don't have Daddy issues don't date nearly-70-year old men. Besides, what exactly is wrong with women his age? There are a ton of really awesome ladies who are older. He's complaining about age discrimination, but isn't he doing the same thing? He should be less concerned with turning off women by his age and more concerned with them finding out how cracked he actually is.

If he's looking for a date though, I know the perfect person! Last I checked, equally ignorant and psychotic Rachel Dolezal is single and ready to mingle! Their crazy is totally complimentary.