Couples Are Blaming 'Fortnite' For Their Divorces

Not Sexy.

December 7, 2018

Fornite is ubiquitous; it's everywhere. There are 125 million registered players around the world and growing. It's seriously addictive and fun but apparently, it's also causing divorces. At least in the U.K

According to a Divorce Service website in the United Kingdom, Divorce Online, there have been at least 200 couples who filed for divorce in 2018 who cited the "Fortnite" and other online gaming as the primary reason for the dissolution of their marriage. Makes sense, I guess. If you're gonna spend so much time blowing up your internet friends that you neglect your spouse, things are gonna go downhill quick. But hey, at least you will have triumphed over the other 99 players to be the one true survivor, and isn't that all that really matters in the end? (hint: no)

I'm not saying you should put down the game controller, but... maaaaybe you should, yeah? At least for an hour. You gotta eat.

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