8 Reasons Why Wearing a Mask is Kinda Rad.

It's not ALL bad....

August 13, 2020
Biker in NYC wearing a mask

Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy / Staff


There are few people out in the world who actually LIKE wearing masks. We do it to help curb the spread of this insane virus and save lives. IMHO, a worthwhile sacrifice for safety. However, having had to wear a mask now for about 5 months, it's not all bad. I've realized that there are some other, more subtle benefits. Tiny silver linings, if you will...

  1. You can pleasantly avoid the more odorous sides of summer - Not all summer scents are pleasant. With a mask, most of that nasty gets blocked out, leaving you blissfully unaware of the rank around you.
  2. You can keep your bad breath to yourself - We all have days where our breath is not-so-fresh. Only NOW, no one is going to notice it! In the same way that you can't really smell your surroundings while wearing a mask, the same mask will make sure the people in your surroundings won't be able to smell YOU (well, your breath. Hopefully they have their own masks to deal with the BO.)
  3. Masks will be cozy in winter - While wearing a mask in summer is kind of AWFUL (Maskcne, Masktan, and general-hot-face-sweatiness), in the WINTER, that mask is gonna be CLUTCH. Think of all the times your face burned from the sting of the cold air during past Winters. Not this Winter, friend! You will be instantly protected and cozy!
  4. You can pretend you're a NINJA! - Pretty self-explanatory.
  5. You can scowl at people and no one will know - Forget polite smiles and fake niceness! You can let it all hang out and yet, still keep it to yourself. Scowl all you want. They won't know what's hidden behind the mask and the smize!
  6. It protects your face from the sun - The other half of your face will be subject to mask tan, but the covered part...that half will stay baby-fresh without the need for sunscreen!
  7. You will save money on lipgloss - A def. boon for those of us addicted to lipgloss. With a mask, there is no point in glossing up, so you use SO MUCH LESS. Considering the state of the economy, I'm glad to save wherever I can.
  8. They will catch the sneezes of people who somehow never learned to cover their damned mouths - These are probably the same people that had to learn how to properly wash their hands when this all started {{{eyeroll}}}, but if they're all wearing masks too, we will no longer have to deal with unwanted sneeze-spray! Together, we can save the world, one nasty sneeze at a time!

Time Out published a list too...There's some overlap (THE SCENTS! NYC is not a very pleasantly aromatic place in summer), but they have a few choice cuts too. Check it out.