Would You Buy This Limp Bizkit Vehicle?

November 11, 2019

George De Sota/Getty


I make no secret about my love of Limp Bizkit. This is despite an unofficial beef I have with lead singer Fred Durst over him refusing to acknowledge my incessant desperate pleas for attention on social media. With all of that baggage which prevents me from ever getting a girlfriend out of the way, allow me to introduce you to a brand new CarMax commercial. I don't know what CarMax exactly does. I think they buy used cars. Pretty sure they don't advertise on the station, so who cares. In the ad, a woman has trouble selling her 4 door sedan because the CD changer has a Limp Bizkit CD stuck inside it and it's all the car stereo will play. 

Wait. Excuse me. Trouble? You're having trouble selling that car? Hi, my name is Kevan Kenney and I will buy your car from you this instant fake lady who doesn't exist outside of the 30 second ad! 

Check it out in full below.