When You Realize Creed Doesn't Suck You'll Be a Happier Human

August 14, 2019

GETTY: Robert Laberge/Staff


Before you spam the Facebook comments of this blog with stuff like “you don’t even play Creed!” “Creed is not alt!” Or “play more Tool!” (Editors note: we’ve never played Tool and are not going to start playing Tool because the guy with the 732 area code text requests it every day) - let me explain myself.

The worst type of person is one that just blindly goes with the pack. Popular opinion? Oh cool, I’ll copy that. The best of folks are the true independent thinkers. You think the Wright Brothers listened to whatever the masses were into? No way. They were playing some super weird shit on their CD players no one had ever heard of when they invented flight. So with that accurate historical context given, let me say this - Creed doesn’t suck.

Somewhere around the late '00s it got really cool to hate on my boy Scott and the other dudes in Creed. Why? Explain to me why they suck. "Higher"? ANTHEM. "One Last Breath"? MOVING. "My Sacrifice." Most of you reading this can’t even fathom the level of sacrifice that went into writing the song "My Sacrifice." Plus there are mermen (male mermaids) in the video. FOR NO REASON. Creed just gave us them. While expecting zero in return.

They were a selfless band that gave the world hit after hit. Then Stapp lost his mind. BUT BACK TO THE MUSIC - all I ask is that you hold me now, because I’m 6 minutes from the end of this blog and I’m thinking...maybe Creed ain’t so bad now.