UPDATE: Legal Fate of Kevan's Co-Host REVEALED!

February 12, 2019

© Tom Tingle/The Republic


Thursday’s show left us with one of the biggest cliffhangers in the tri-state area, or at the very least - northern New Jersey.

Did he? Or didn’t he?

If you’re lost, let me catch you up. My co-host Larry Weinstein called in Thursday asking us all to pray for him. Now, a couple of vodka sodas is all it takes for Larry to slide into the sentimental, but this time - things seemed more grave. They were - Larry was headed to court and he didn’t know if he was going to make it out this time. So, the family that we are from 10PM-2AM Monday through Friday, we rallied together and the Nightcap listeners began calling in to wish the man known as L.L. CRAZY J good luck.

So, Friday rolls around. We’re all concerned. Eager to hear how it went for Big Larr. Think the guy calls? The guy doesn’t call. We’re worried about him, think he updates us? No. He’s off doing lord knows what and we’re trying to run a co-hostless radio show. Unbelievable, this guy…

Monday’s show kicks off with a rousing pep talk from Eric the Good News Guardian (who has never missed work, Larry - if you’re reading this) and maybe 10 minutes and a couple Panic at the Disco songs later, caller no. 2 rings me and lo and behold, we’ve got ourselves Larry Weinstein live on the air.

He wanted to talk about everything from road trips to casinos, but the investigative journalist that I am, that you know me to be, that my reputation in this business is built on, got the REAL story out of him.

Listen below to hear how court went, if Larry is headed to jail, and whether or not he cried like a baby in front of the judge. (Spoiler - he did!)