February 19, 2019

Ever pass a dumpster and think to yourself, I wonder who the men and women are that go through these every night? 

I hope you haven’t. That’s honestly concerning if you have, and that’s coming from the guy who tolerates Larry. 

I must admit though, my own interest has been piqued after Monday’s show. I’m ready to head to my local library (do they still have libraries or did Bezos ruin those too?) and check out as many books (remember books?) on dumpster diving as I can get my hands on.

You see my family worked hard, they did the best they could but my school district never offered Dumpster Diving 101. So I am I complete novice, dare I say ignorant to this underworld.

Monday’s show brought us a real life dumpster diver. I’m guessing that’s the proper term for these folks but can’t lie and tell you it’s also not my new go-to insult next time one of my buddies deserves a zinger.

What the f--- is that shirt? You look like a dumpster diver!

This particular trash hunter was nice enough to to offer an exclusive, no holds barred, never before heard peek into this nocturnal universe of garbage gathering. 

Is it illegal? Do his friends know? Is this really how he makes his money? Would he ever tell a date? Has he ever told a date? We cover it all.