twenty one pilots Never Equated Success with Awards, It's All About Personal Experiences

Fan experiences resonate with the band members more than awards

November 6, 2018

Just ahead of their sold out show at New York City's Madison Square Garden on October 30th, ALT 92.3's Kevan Kenney got a chance to pull twenty one pilots drummer Josh Dun aside to talk before the boys hit the stage.

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Selling out the Garden has become old hat for Tyler and Josh -- in fact the first time they ever played the venue they were able to fill the arena, bypassing the always awkward opening band phase of their careers. But does performing in such an iconic room ever actually lose it's luster?

"I think the words that people use about this place, are 'legendary,' and 'iconic' and I think it is," Josh tells ALT 92.3. "I think, sometimes arenas can sort of look the same. I really enjoy looking out and looking at people more than a place... I like to see people and then I'm like, 'what are they doing here? Are they here for a date night?' Or people who probably traveled or camped out... a lot of times it is more the crowd than the place. And New York has always been some of the most energetic shows we've played." 

Speaking of energetic New York fans, Kevan reminded Josh about the couple who had gotten engaged just a couple of days prior at their NYCB Live show in Uniondale, NY.

"Now I hope that it works out," Josh joked. "Because then maybe neither of them would ever come to a show again if it doesn't. No, but I did see the video --- it's pretty crazy!"

But does such a personal experience resonate with the band members as an even higher honor than awards?

"Coming from Columbus, OH, we never really quantified success as, 'well if we get a trophy we did it right.' Not to downplay that at all because it's really cool, but I think the personal things that happen within somebody's life as a result of the music -- I thinks it's one of the coolest and craziest things."

Check out the rest of the video above where Josh explains where they got the brilliantly silly idea for the viral #ATrenchIsBorn meme that surrounded the band during the release of their latest album, TRENCH.